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AUTOGRAPH ANSWER TO FRANCIS DUMONT'S QUESTIONNAIRE. 2 pages in-4 in green ink. "In 1938, André Breton, who seems to me to be the highest spirit, the most lucid intelligence of the time and whose exemplary work answers all my anxieties, brings the only valid definition of poetry and justifies my state as a poet. Without André Breton I might have gone on living, I might have stopped being a poet." Also enclosed is a signed autograph card addressed to Francis Dumont regarding Forneret's unpublished work. THE WHOLE INSERTED IN A COPY OF TRANSFUSION OF THE VERB PUBLISHED BY THE EDITIONS DE LA MAIN À PLUME IN 1941 AND LIMITED TO 400 COPIES. Texts by Arnaud, Eluard etc. Illustrations by Dominguez, Picasso, Vulliamy etc. SEE THE LITTLE JESUS AGAIN. DIARY PUBLISHED BY NOEL ARNAUD. Double number 4-5, double number 4-5 and half, number 6 and number 11. 3 fascicles in-16 stapled and 1 fascicle in-12 stapled. THREE BUTTERFLIES FROM THE SURREALIST ACTION CENTERS LED BY NOËL ARNAUD. TRACT Joyeux Noël contre Noël Arnaud suite à l'agression sur Georges Hugnet, written in October 1943 by Jausion, André Thirion etc. 7 volumes of the Pages libres de la Main à Plume, 1942-1944, in first editions, in-16, in sheets. Noel ARNAUD. To the absentees who are not always wrong Maurice BLANCHARD. Aphrodite's split lawns. Gérard from SEDE. The Living Fire. J.F. CHABRUN. Who makes it rain or shine. J-V MANUAL. The one without the name Laurence ICHE. Shelf in family Robert RIUS. Locks in wasteland
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