Big John Triceratops horridus Upper... - Lot 1 - Giquello

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Big John Triceratops horridus Upper... - Lot 1 - Giquello
Big John Triceratops horridus Upper Hell Creek Formation Maastrichtian, Upper Cretaceous (66 Ma) Mud Butte Ranch, Southwestern Perkins County, South Dakota Total length of mounted skeleton 23 ft 5 in Hips height 8 ft 10 in Skull H. 8 ft 7 in - W. 6 ft 6 in Remarkable triceratops skeleton complete at 60% (skull complete at 75%) from the world-renowned deposits of the Hell Creek Formation, a true window on the golden age of dinosaurs, just before their extinction. After being discovered in 2014 by geologist Walter Stein in the Mud Butte ranch in Perkins County, South Dakota, Big John's excavation lasted until 2015 while his preparation ended in 2021 in the laboratories of Zoic, Italian leading paleontological company. To bid on this lot, prior registration with Binoche & Giquello is required, at least 8 days before the sale.
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