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- HISTORICAL MILITARY CHRONOLOGY containing the History of the creation of all the Dignities. Superior Military Grades of all the Persons who have pofled them or who have reached them since their creation until now. Of the Troops of the King's Maifon & of the Superior Officers who have served in them. Of all the Regiments & other Troops & the Colonels who have commanded them. The States of Armies by each year the General Officers who have been employed in them since the first creation of the Regiments & the actual operations of each Army with their true time. Finally a Table railbnnée of the Military Orders as well printed as handwritten returned since the reign of Louis XIV. until prefènt. TIREE ON THE ORIGINALS. With clarifications in Nores criticisms of the Antenrs which worked with the Hiftoire of France & Military. Dedicated to M. the Duke of BELLÉISLEJ Peer & Marshal of France Prince of the S. Empire Miniflre d'Etat Chevalier des Ordres du Roi & de la Toifon d'or. - A P A R I S, chez Claude Hérissant 7 volumes, period binding, spine gilt with small irons As is
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