Hyacinthe RIGAUD (Perpignan 1659 - Paris... - Lot 113 - Giquello

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Hyacinthe RIGAUD (Perpignan 1659 - Paris... - Lot 113 - Giquello
Hyacinthe RIGAUD (Perpignan 1659 - Paris 1743) Portrait of Charles Gaspard Dodun, Marquis d'Herbault, Superintendent of Finances Canvas 145 x 113 cm Provenance: From Eude, Paris in 1836; Acquired at this date by Edmond Dodun, descendant of the model Remained in the family descendants at the Château de Kerdisson, Pontivy Anonymous sale, Paris, Hôtel Drouot, (Mes Couturier - Nicolay), March 29, 1985, n°30, reproduced; Karl Lagerfeld Collection Lagerfeld sale, New York, Christie's, 23 May 2000, n°59, reproduced Sale Ortiz-Patiño and others, Paris, Hôtel Drouot (Me de Maigret), 6 June 2018, n°50, reproduced Acquired at this sale by the current owner. Exhibition: La rue saint Dominique. Hôtels et amateurs, Paris, Musée Rodin, 1984, n°138, reproduced p. 94. Bibliography: J. Roman, Livre de raison du peintre Hyacinthe Rigaud, Paris, 1919, p.198 A James Sarazin, Hyacinthe Rigaud, Paris, 2003/2004, cat. I, n°1105, reproduced fig. 438 S. Perreau, Hyacinthe Rigaud le peintre des rois, Montpellier, 2004, p.191 S. Perreau, Hyacinthe Rigaud, catalog concis de l'œuvre, Sète, 2013, p. 1322, reproduced A James Sarazin, Hyacinthe Rigaud, tome II, Dijon, 2016, p. 1402, reproduced. Until the reappearance in 2013 of a version signed and dated 1724, scholars saw our painting as the original work representing Charles Gaspard Dodun. It is currently preferable to see the second version cited in Hyacinthe Rigaud's account book, of the same dimensions as the first version, paid to the artist for one thousand livres. It is known that Rigaud was also commissioned to do two bust versions, for which he paid three hundred livres. The bust composition was engraved by Drevet. Charles Gaspard Dodun (Paris 1679-1736), was the son of a councillor at the Parliament of Paris, from a family of Burgundian financiers. He was himself appointed president of the parliament in 1710, thanks to the protection of the Duke of Bourbon. The regent appointed him to the council of finance in 1715. In 1722, he was appointed controller general of finance and tried to repair the disaster caused by Law's bankruptcy. In 1723, he was named Marquis of Herbault. He created the commune of Herbault (Indre et Loire) near his castle. By setting up a salt storehouse, he brought prosperity to the whole region thanks to the collection of the gabelle. Although he contributed to the stabilization of the value of the louis and trained the young Louis XV in financial affairs, Dodun fell into disgrace and resigned from his position in 1726, accused of embezzlement.
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