JAPON - Epoque EDO (1603 - 1868), XIXe siècle

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JAPON - Epoque EDO (1603 - 1868), XIXe siècle
Composite armor: Helmet (kabuto): six-plate black-lacquered iron haribachi, copper kiku-shaped tehen kanamono - Neck protector (shikoro): black-lacquered iron five-slat hineno - Central ornament (maedate): black-lacquered wood in the shape of a maru ni mitsu biki môn. Mask (menpo): black-lacquered iron ryubu, gray horsehair moustache, red-lacquered interior - Throat guard (yodarekake): three black-lacquered iron strips Cuirass (dô): black-lacquered iron tatami - Skirt (kusazuri): five rows of five black-lacquered iron plates in front and back, three times five plates on the side - Armbands (kote): black-lacquered iron shino with seven thin strips for the forearm. - Underskirt (haidate): etchu with five gold-lacquered iron môn maru ni mitsu biki held in place by mesh. - Leggings (suneate): iron and leather shino - Feet (kogake): six iron plates Wooden box (yoroi bitsu) (Accidents)
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