Apollinaire (Guillaume)

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Apollinaire (Guillaume)
Case d'Armons. Aux Armées de la République, 1915. Paperback in-8, blue school paper cover, front cover decorated with an illustrated laminated vignette, endpapers consolidated with a leaf from "Bulletin des Armées de la République". First edition, text polygraphed in blue with gelatin ("pâte à polycopier") using a Stencil duplicator on squared paper, with handwritten highlights by the author in black ink. First edition (24.4 x 16.4 cm). Protective red felt box. Copy number 2 sent from the front to Ambroise Vollard by Apollinaire, still in paperback as issued, featuring the poet's longest mailing on this work, and the only one known where the author has enhanced the typography in ink on all pages. "To Ambroise Vollard Très cordial souvenir From the depths of a hypogeum Located on the front P......[erthes] B.........[eauséjour] And reminiscent of the cellar in rue Laffitte Guillaume Apollinaire Brigadier-fourrier, 45th Battery, 38th Field Artillery Regiment Postal Sector 138 August 19, 1915 This mailing is the longest known in this book. It refers to the cellar of the Galerie Vollard, where memorable pre-war agapes were held. At the time he sent the collection to Vollard, Apollinaire had to conceal the location of his billeting, and mentioned only the first letter of Perthes and Beauséjour, followed by ellipsis points whose number corresponds exactly to the number of missing letters, whereas a month earlier he had still spelled out these places in the copy sent to Francis and Gabrielle Picabia on July 21. Twenty-five copies were mimeographed by marshals Bodard and Berthier, with small drawings: no. 1: Ardengo Soffici (Apollinaire e l'Avanguardia, Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna, Roma, De Luca Editore, 1980, nos. 30 and 59), sent August 1915, attested by Apollinaire's letter to Soffici dated August 25, 1915: no. 2: Ambroise Vollard (see below). n° 3: Alberto Magnelli (Bibliothèque Nationale, Réserve P-YE-2442), consignment. This was probably Apollinaire's last remaining copy, if we are to believe what he wrote to Charles de la Roncière on September 20 (see no. 21). n° 5 : André Lefèvre (Bibliothèque André Lefèvre, Drouot / Ader-Ribault Ménetière, December 8, 1964, n° 13), consignment. n° 6: Madeleine Pagès (Très Beaux Livres des XIXe et XXe siècles [Jacques Guérin], Drouot / Ader-Picard-Tajan, June 4, 1986, n° 69; The Jaime Ortiz-Patino Collection of Important Books and Manuscripts, Sotheby's New York, April 21, 1998, n° 7; Jean Bonna), consignment, bound (Leca). In fact, Madeleine received two copies, as indicated by Apollinaire's letter of September 16, 1916, requesting the second copy as a gift for Mme Tittoni, who ran the Italian hospital where Apollinaire had been convalescing after his injury (it is not known whether Madeleine actually returned this copy, whose number is also unknown). n° 7: Apollinaire (sent to André Lefèvre at the same time as his copy n° 5, as indicated by a postcard attached to this copy: see Bibliothèque André Lefèvre, Drouot / Ader-Ribault Ménetière, December 8, 1964, n° 13; Laurin-Guilloux-Buffetaud-Tailleur / Drouot, November 26, 1987). Inscribed in pencil: "Secret" with the red stamp "Le général commandant de la 16e Brigade". no. 9: Jean Royère (Bibliothèque Georges-Emmanuel Lang, Galerie Georges Petit / Lair-Dubreuil, December 16-17, 1925, no. 234, with a "postcard from the armies"; Drouot, February 9-13, 1931, no. 26; René Gaffé, as reported in Paul Bonet's Carnets, but absent from the 1956 Gaffé sale), consignment, 1931 binding (Paul Bonet, Carnets, no. 190). n° 10: Marie Laurencin, dispatch (probably June 20, 1915, like the Louise Faure-Favier copy with which it was sent, as indicated in Apollinaire's letter to Louise Faure-Favier of June 29, 1915). n° 11 : Louise Faure-Favier (Livres Romantiques et Modernes, catalog 53 of the Pierre Berès bookshop, 1952, n° 11), dispatch, bound (Paul Bonet, 1948, Carnets, n° 844). No. 12: Joseph Granié, dispatch No. 14: Louise de Coligny-Châtillon (Maurice Bridel bookshop, catalog No. 13 Beaux Livres Anciens et Modernes, 1954, No. 41; Artcurial, April 4, 2006, No. 67), mismatched from its dispatch, probably by Lou herself before she sold it to Lausanne bookseller Maurice Bridel. n° 15 : Name of addressee cut out of consignment (Sotheby's Paris, May 15, 2012 n° 120), consignment. n° 17: Eugène Druet, mailing, reproduced with the entire copy in the reissue of Calligrammes, Gallimard, 2014, pages 165-216. This is almost certainly the copy in Gallimard's catalog no. 25 of 1951 (no. 225 in its list), where neither the edition number nor the addressee were mentioned, with a
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