Rilke (Rainer Maria)

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Rilke (Rainer Maria)
Vergers, followed by Quatrains valaisans. NRF, Paris, 1926. Frontispiece, portrait of the author by Baladine Klossowska engraved by Georges Aubert. First edition (18.7 x 13.1 cm). Dust jacket. A copy of Natalie Barney's original handwritten poem-dedication, written six months before the poet's death. One of 118 copies hors commerce (no. XXXV) with a mailing and original handwritten poem, which was not published until well after Rilke's death, in his complete works (Sämmtliche Werke, 1957): "to Natalie Clifford-Barney O the temple undone or never finished... How can we worship a God who so delights in ruins! Offerings wear out the altar and the salt of our marine tears gnaws at the flagstones. And as for the columns: two can support them; it's their beautiful shaft that separates the lovers... And so they take him with them in the slow fall of their avaricious embraces. Rainer Maria Rilke (End of June) Muzot." Published by Rainer Maria Rilke (1875-1926) a few months before his death just after Christmas 1926 at the Valmont Clinic, this collection contains many of his poems written directly in French. It was to be his last book published during his lifetime. At the time, Rilke was living at the manor house of Muzot, near Veyras above Sierre, in the French-speaking Valais region. He had been living in Switzerland since 1919, where he became close to Baladine Klossowska, mother of the painter Balthus and Pierre Klossowski, and supported her artistic gifts. Rilke and Natalie Clifford-Barney (1876-1972), who were almost contemporaries, spent most of their time together in Paris, where the woman nicknamed "l'Amazone" (the Amazon), because of her penchant for art, held a popular salon from 1909. Rilke, who had been in Paris since 1902, was one of the first regulars, along with Rodin, Remy de Gourmont, Paul Valéry and André Gide. Provenance: Natalie Barney; Pierre Bergé.
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