Péret (Benjamin)

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Péret (Benjamin)
Dormir dormir dans les pierres. Éditions Surréalistes, Paris, 1927. Paperback, 14 illustrations, including 3 hors texte and the title page with the cover illustration by Yves Tanguy, for whom this is the first illustrated book. 5 nominative copies on chine, 10 copies on japon, 20 copies on hollande van Gelder, and 175 copies on vergé. First edition (22.5 x 17.5 cm). Cover by Devauchelle. One of five extremely rare head copies on chine, nominative for André Breton, with a multicolored signed mailing from the author, countersigned by Tanguy in the receipt. "To André Breton A storm spear strikes the frozen world and the insects in the stove twist their arms in front of the mirrors, which shake like blind men. But I'm here to say hello Benjamin Péret" The book's cover, title page and hors-texte have been enhanced with gouache colors by Yves Tanguy, which is not always the case in chine copies. With only 5 copies, the chine edition of the book is one of the rarest in Surrealism. These copies were nominative, generally with the recipient's name printed on them: in addition to Breton's, they included Marcel Duhamel's (name crossed out by Péret, then dedicated to Léo Malet), Jacques Prévert's (name crossed out by Péret, then dedicated to René Char), the author's, and Paul Éluard's (unjustified). Provenance: André Breton.
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