Crevel (René) Dali ou l'Anti-obscurantisme.... - Lot 102 - Giquello

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Crevel (René) Dali ou l'Anti-obscurantisme.... - Lot 102 - Giquello
Crevel (René) Dali ou l'Anti-obscurantisme. Éditions Surréalistes, Paris, 1931. Photographic reproductions of 10 paintings by Salvador Dali, black grained paper cover with flaps and title label. First edition of 15 copies on japon nacré, the first 5 with a page of the manuscript and a page of drawings by Dali, the next 10 with a drawing by Dali in the margin of a page of text. First edition (23 x 17.4 cm). Devauchelle slipcase. Fine copy on japon nacré from André Breton, one of only two known with a double dispatch from René Crevel and Salvador Dali, featuring two original drawings by Dali (instead of the one announced), including an extraordinary surrealist erotic composition with caption. "To André Breton For what there may be D' [anti-obscurantism] in this book, what its author may acquire, (despite the dedicatory modesty) it must be said that it is to you that I owe it, with my affection December 1931 René Crevel " The copy is unnumbered, and contains two drawings by Salvador Dali: Original ink drawing, signed, 12 cm high in the right-hand margin of page 9, extraordinary in its attention to detail and creativity, associating sex, walkers, shoes and various containers, with captions and dispatch to André Breton, written in the delightful Dalinian spelling: "Baromètre et horloge falique en fonctionnement liquide" and below: "orloge antrophomorfic (visage) pour André Breton avec toute sa amitié Salvador Dali 1931". Original ink drawing (6 cm) on endpaper, depicting a woman's shoe, from which emerges a ciborium surmounted by a radiant but stained sun. We have identified five first copies of this work: the one (unnumbered) with a consignment from Crevel to Valentine Hugo (catalog no. 10 Cubisme Futurisme Dada Surréalisme, librairie Nicaise, 1960, no. 412) ) and a rather simple drawing in the margin of page 11 depicting a character, dedicated by Dali; the (unnumbered) one with a consignment from Crevel to "Jean" (Bibliothèque Jacques Matarasso, Drouot / Loudmer, Paris, December 2-4, 1993, no. 282, then Paul Destribats, Bibliothèque des Avant-gardes, 1ère partie, tome 2, Christie's, Paris, July 4, 2019, no. 311) and a drawing almost mirroring the previous one; the one by Éditions Surréalistes publisher José Corti (no. 5) with two pages of the manuscript and a drawing (Prado Falque Enchères, Marseille, November 10, 2018); the one with dispatch to René Gaffé (Drouot sale April 26-27, 1956, no. 78) described as follows: "one of the first 10 copies on japon nacré (No. 1) containing 2 pages of Crevel's autograph manuscript and one page of drawings by Dali" and a drawing in the margin. The first monograph devoted to Salvador Dali (1904-1989), the text by René Crevel (1900-1935) highlights the extraordinary creative and technical gifts of the painter, whom he sees as a liberator of the mind and imagination. The book appeared three weeks before Dali's L'Amour et la Mémoire, also published by Éditions Surréalistes, with Breton's copy dedicated by Dali "his unconditional disciple". The few books by Crevel with dispatches to Breton are particularly precious, given the circumstances of Crevel's suicide in 1935, after his failure to reconcile Ilya Ehrenbourg and Breton, who had slapped the former in the face. Breton was even attributed some responsibility for this act, but this has remained highly controversial. In 1931, Crevel still addressed his dedication to Breton as "vouvoie", whereas in 1933, he addressed his last book, Les Pieds dans le plat, as "tutoie". Provenance: André Breton.
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