Tzara (Tristan)

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Tzara (Tristan)
Primele Poeme. Editura Unu, Bucharest, 1934. An etching (signed) by Yves Tanguy (Wittrock 2) in 13 announced first copies. Protective box. First edition (22.8 x 16.6 cm). Printed copy for Yves Tanguy, the author of the frontispiece, one of the five known of the thirteen announced head copies, the only ones complete with the etching, Tanguy's engraved masterpiece, with a moving dispatch from Tzara to Tanguy and an autograph card from Sasha Pana, the publisher. As announced for the head edition, the present copy was printed on satin-finish matte vellum ("Royal Supermat"), here for Yves Tanguy ("exemplaire imprimé pour l'illustrateur"), author of the original signed drypoint printed on japon and specifically reserved for the head edition, with a dispatch from Tzara to Tanguy: "à Yves Tanguy à qui je dois le peu de vie de ces très vieux souvenirs malgré la housse du printemps amer avec l'admiration et l'amitié de Tristan Tzara Nice le 3 mars 1934". This mailing is accompanied by a drawing of a small flower. The top edition, the only one on satin-finish matte vellum, is also the only one to include the engraving, the second by Tanguy, printed by William Hayter. The cover for the first edition is printed in black and red on white, while for the current edition it is printed in black and red on orange. The announced first edition was ten numbered copies and three copies hors commerce, but only four other copies are known, one from the author (probably still in the family), one from the publisher Sasha Pana, Tzara's former companion in Romania (Antiquariat Guenter Linke, Berlin, 2017), a copy that appeared in a print sale (no. 8) (Sotheby's, London, December 1, 1988, no. 233), and a copy numbered 4 (Yves Tanguy, l'Univers surréaliste, sous la direction d'André Cariou, Somogy, 2007, exhibition at the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Quimper, June 29-September 30, 2007, no. 132, page 145; Paul Destribats, Bibliothèque des Avant-gardes, 1ère partie, tome 2, Christie's, Paris, July 4, 2019, no. 365). The other copies were in fact probably not assembled, and the present copy is accompanied by a document that explains this. This is an autograph visiting card from the publisher and author of the volume's afterword, Sasha Pana (5.4 x 9 cm): "Avec les meilleurs remerciements pour les eaux-fortes / 25.IV.34". As the "achevé d'imprimer" was dated February 15, this date indicates a late arrival of the print runs for the first copies, which explains why it was only broached as a frontispiece in the author's, illustrator's and publisher's copies, and why the other print runs of the etching remained separate from the book and are found in isolation on the market. Similarly, a drawing by Tanguy was to have been reproduced in the print, but its arrival too late in Romania prevented this from happening. In his monograph on Tanguy's prints, Wolfgang Wittrock reports that thirteen copies of the etching were printed, plus a trial run. As several impressions of the etching were not bound with the book's head edition and appeared isolated in Sasha Pana's papers, Primele Poeme in its complete head edition form is undoubtedly one of Tzara's most hard-to-find books. The rarity of the volume has led to some confusion among bibliographers, who believe that the head edition is entirely on japon, whereas only the engraving is on this paper, the text being on "Royal Supermat". The book contains a series of pre-Dada poems, some of whose Symbolist overtones do not erase the nascent modernity that would burst forth a few years later with Dada in Zurich. Provenance: Yves Tanguy; Wolfgang Wittrock; Daniel Filipacchi.
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