Roud (Gustave) Ɵ Lettres à Lily. 106 autograph... - Lot 112 - Giquello

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Roud (Gustave) Ɵ Lettres à Lily. 106 autograph... - Lot 112 - Giquello
Roud (Gustave) Ɵ Lettres à Lily. 106 autograph letters signed and autograph cards signed by Gustave Roud (328 pages) of various sizes, with 13 autograph letters and cards signed by Madeleine Roud, the poet's sister, and an important folder of press clippings collected over these years. Protective gray cloth box. Extraordinary unpublished poetic autograph correspondence of over 300 pages spanning more than twenty years, accompanied by other documents about Gustave Roud, of which this is probably the only important complete unpublished correspondence still in private hands. This complete, unpublished correspondence, centered on nature and flowers, was addressed from 1953 to 1976 to Lily Dubois (Dubois-Augsburger-Burnat). Two books dedicated by Roud to Lily accompany this correspondence: Requiem (Payot, Laus anne, 1967). Campagne perdue (Bibliothèque des Arts, Lausanne, 1972), HC copy. Gustave Roud (1897-1976) is considered the most important French-speaking Swiss poet of the 20th century. From his debut with the dazzling Adieu (1927), praised in the NRF by Gabriel Bounoure, Roud followed a solitary poetic path marked by his walks in the Jorat countryside near Lausanne. A friend and collaborator of Charles-Ferdinand Ramuz and Henry-Louis Mermod, he was also a key figure in the French-speaking world of literature and publishing. This is the most important of Roud's private, unpublished correspondence, which has yet to be institutionalized. Largely devoted to nature and flowers, a passion that platonically brought the poet and Lily together, it provides an extraordinary example of Roud's perceptive power, a capacity that was the main source of his poetic inspiration. Lily, Roud's pen pal, was a middle-class woman from Lausanne. She met the poet in the early 1950s, and remained faithful to him by letter until his death. The correspondence reveals that she also gave him invaluable moral support. She regularly sent him flowers to Carrouge, where he lived, knowing of the poet's love for them. Provenance: Lily Dubois-Augsburger-Burnat.
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