Hemis Katsina (New Corn Kachina) Hopi, Arizona,... - Lot 2 - Giquello

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Hemis Katsina (New Corn Kachina) Hopi, Arizona,... - Lot 2 - Giquello
Hemis Katsina (New Corn Kachina) Hopi, Arizona, USA Cottonwood root, pigments, feathers 1930s H. 26 cm Provenance : - Ex private collection, Texas, USA - Ex colection Galerie Flak, Paris - Ex European private collection, acquired from previous owners in 2016 This kachina features Hemis, the kachina of New Corn, an iconic figure in the Hopi pantheon. It is distinguished by its beautiful tabletta and the rich symbolism of its colorful motifs. This 26 cm high sculpture, standing in a determined posture, is carved from the soft wood of a cottonwood root. Among the Hopi, this kachina is particularly important as it opens the dances of the Niman ceremonies (cycle of the Return Home). Hemis represents ripening corn and is a prayer for the rain that, when it comes, will produce the first corn shoots of the season. One of the most beautiful kachinas, it is decorated with numerous symbols marking the desire for rain. This kachina is in a classical posture: she stands with her arms symmetrically folded close to her body. The kachina's body is painted black (a characteristic Hemi color). She wears a shoulder belt painted black and white. The sash, the ceremonial belt decorated with fine geometric motifs, falls to the right side. The symbols on the tabletta (a carved wooden element in the form of a crown attached to the top of the mask) and the face of this kachina are particularly significant. Raindrops are depicted on the nose, while the rounded cut-outs on the top of the tabletta evoke clouds. The two symbols on either side of the tabletta top depict a water strider. There's also a crescent moon and yellow germination motifs. On the back, behind the feathers, there are painted motifs of rain clouds. Condition report: Consistent with age and use, some pigment loss on the surface.
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