Lance Admiralty Islands, Bismarck Archipelago,... - Lot 14 - Giquello

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Lance Admiralty Islands, Bismarck Archipelago,... - Lot 14 - Giquello
Lance Admiralty Islands, Bismarck Archipelago, Papua New Guinea Bamboo, wood, obsidian, vegetable fibers, pigments and parinarium resin H. 77 cm The Admiralty Islands are located in the northern part of the Bismarck Archipelago, north of the island of New Guinea. They comprise a group of eighteen islands, the largest of which is Manus. Spears and obsidian-bladed daggers are the region's most common weapons. Obsidian has been used for projectile points in the Bismarck Archipelago, particularly on the Lou and Manus islands, since time immemorial. A comprehensive survey and typology of Admiralty Island spears has been published by Robin Torrence. "Obsidian-tipped spears and daggers" published in Admiralty Islands Art from the South Seas by Christian Kaufmann, Christin Kocher Schmid and Sylvia Ohnemus, Zurich: Museum Rietberg, 2002, pp.73-80. The spear shown here is distinguished by the finesse of its braided motifs, enriched by shell inserts. The top of the handle is carved and enhanced with red and white pigments (openwork rhombus, fine geometric frieze motifs).
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