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26 SIGNED DACTYLOGRA-PHIED LETTERS, SIGNED AUTOGRAPH LETTER AND ONE SIGNED POSTCARD to art dealers. Circa 1945/1950. 26 pages and a half in-4 and in-12, on Ars Publicidad sa letterhead. Important correspondence from the time when Cuban writer Alejo Carpentier was a Venezuelan radio journalist, wanting to organize concerts, produce ballets and open a bookshop-gallery. ... I need you to get me dare dare in a hurry at full speed the conditions under which the Roland Petit ballets, complete with all its stars, could come to Caracas for a week... there's nothing new for the radio because the musical programs are less appreciated than the spoken editions. They are interested in French singers who are successful in South America: Trénet, Piaf, Suzy Solidor and Germaine Montéro: Paris, Chansons sur Paris, Bobino, modern rhythms, fun, above all movement, and now they need a big Jean Sablon hit... or môme Piaf... I loved the paintings brought back from Paris by the Palacios (a friend and client). The Chagall is first-rate... the Kandinsky a capital piece in the field of a certain stage in the evolution of current painting. About the Venezuelan poet Otto di Sola: I'm sure you'll get on very well, because he's a very curious man who encloses an extremely personal and singular world. If you could introduce him to Picasso and Joan Miro, I'm sure they'd get on very well... After Desnos's death and the dispersal of so many friends, I feel like it's been twenty years, not six, since I left Paris. Only Mabille, with whom I've been to Mexico, Havana and Haiti, and who will soon be coming to Caracas, ties me to a past that seems so distant in the light of so many events... I saw Péret in Mexico. Well aged! At last, so much has happened!
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