CÉLINE Louis-Ferdinand

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CÉLINE Louis-Ferdinand
ORIGINAL DRAWING FOR THE COVER OF VOYAGE AU BOUT DE LA NUIT WITH AUTOGRAPHIC LETTER SIGNED [LD] to [Robert Denoël]. Paris rue Lepic, circa July 1932. Uncompromising letter to his publisher Robert Denoël, illustrated with an original drawing of Céline's intended cover for Voyage au Bout de la nuit. The book was published on October 15, 1932, and won the Prix Renaudot, missing the Goncourt by two votes. The published cover is close to what Céline wanted, in its sobriety, with just one variation in the layout of the title. ... Please don't add a syllable to the text without warning me! You'll ruin the rhythm like nothing - only I can find it where it is. I may look slobbery, but I do exactly what I want. Not a syllable. Pay attention to the cover too - no typographic sentimentality, just classic. I'm sure you'll agree that you're still in this bear's romantic phase. I've digested it and I'm ready to vomit. You can't yet see it from the point of view of taste. You need to be well satiated for that. I am. A rather heavy and discreet cover. That's my opinion. Bistre and black or grey and grey perhaps, and even, slightly thick letters. That's about it. CÉLINE Louis-Ferdinand. AUTOGRAPHIC PLIERS SIGNED DESTOUCHES to Robert Denoël. Paris rue Lepic, September 2, 1932, one page in-8, address on verso (tears in margins, two words missing). Letter to his publisher Robert Denoël concerning the publication of "Voyage au Bout de la nuit": ... As for the cover, the die has been cast, but the whole thing has been toned down, if you don't mind... on my return I am overwhelmed by a flood of troubles, small and large, urgent and distant, material and immaterial... a bazaar. I'd got a bit used to it. I need to get back into it. As soon as I've mended, I'll come and see you, but for the moment I'm content to deal with the most urgent matters. Tell me how much I can ask you: a printout for Mr. X. whom you kindly told me about. I have a great desire to win over a few bosses with these tributes... one is never flat enough. Outstanding!
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