CÉLINE Louis-Ferdinand

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CÉLINE Louis-Ferdinand
AUTOGRAPH LETTER SIGNED [LF] addressed to Jean-Gabriel Daragnès. Denmark, January 12, 1949. 3 folio pages. Beautiful letter from Céline, then in exile, addressed to the painter Daragnès, friend and confidant, one of the first people Céline wrote to from Denmark. It's not bad at all, this little "Foudres et arèches", academic of course, even Palmes académiques - but finally sad and correct - as long as it sells - and above all, pays! I'm ashamed to have to put you through all this trouble. You're right, keep it all to yourself. Changed in hard - 1/3 to Mik that it passes - but it is flower! It's already rusty from 10 years of pittance - meager pittance, of course, but no bile on that side. It's not credo, it's draught, it's hard - and I'm moving on - am I? I've got Joulon up against the wall. Let him come and see us (if he's serious) with an official acceptance from Spain... if it doesn't work out - I'll try Canada, but it's got to end - no reason and no whims! I haven't heard much from Tremange - I think he's still struggling too. It's itching... we'll see... Oh, the Darquan is a scoundrel, of course. Officers and defrocked priests are all alike in this respect. The worst kind
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