CHAISSAC Gaston 4 AUTOGRAPH LETTERS SIGNED,... - Lot 82 - Giquello

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CHAISSAC Gaston 4 AUTOGRAPH LETTERS SIGNED,... - Lot 82 - Giquello
CHAISSAC Gaston 4 AUTOGRAPH LETTERS SIGNED, 2 with ORIGINAL DRAWING SIGNED to Louis Cattiaux. 1945-1958. 5 pages in-4 and 1 page in-8 on the front of a Union des Indépendants et Paysans de Vendée list, autograph fold preserved (folds and small tears to two letters). Beautiful correspondence to painter and poet Louis Cattiaux, whom Chaissac considers to beCher confrère, in which he talks to him about his work. ... I have painted a great deal in gouache and hardly any in oil, so it's not surprising that you feel the way you do about my oil paintings. I do, however, have a certain love for my few paintings in valentine or ripolin, because I think they look like a bazaar article. I find bazaar articles charming... yes, women are sublime with artists and many others and even pears but never sweet pears to my knowledge amitiés balayeur manqué... I'm sorry I said "tu" to you, but I'd forgotten that we weren't on first-name terms among my many correspondents. I only used "tu" with Jean Bouret and Dubuffet... On the front of the original signed drawing of a crucified figure: ... If you came to see me right now, you'd find me painting on the lids of packing cases. It's mashed potatoes. I paint under the sign "Christianized burial mounds". It's better that Aujourd'hui magazine reproduced a religious subject of mine... I paint mostly the Latin cross and sometimes virgins and ciboria... 1 LETTRE AUTOGRAPHE à l'encre de 1945 à Jules LEFR...(illegible due to a hole left where the stamp should have been)... this quotation must be taken up again, as it was more shaut ds la fiche ... I don't sell my paintings to just anyone because my religious convictions forbid me to sell them to just anyone. And my religious convictions also forbid me to sell more than 10 paintings a year. When I received your drawing, I wanted it much less than when I expressed my desire to have it.
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