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AUTOGRAPH LETTER SIGNED WITH 2 ORIGINAL DRAWINGS to Dear Mademoiselle, [1959], 2 pages in-4 in ballpoint pen. The two drawings completely illuminate the text. ... that I am especially careful not to neglect being a literary man in the worst of times. Sick and in a lamentable situation, I was found laughable and contemptible. And as the village idiot, I confine myself to pointing out the peasant origins of the curé d'Uruffe, mentioning my puny and arduous schooling... and rather than ask for the ears of kids who have shown me insolence, I prefer to write glowing articles about them capable of attracting visits even on the possible day when they will be stupefied by drink. Let them be ogled with all the attention they deserve, and let none of them be the boozer what's-his-name. Here's my little program
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