DUCHAMP (Marcel)

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DUCHAMP (Marcel)
ORIGINAL MODEL CREATED BY SPANISH PAINTER JULIAN SANZ MARTINEZ AT SAINTE-TRINIDE (SANARY) IN 1942, BRINGING TOGETHER ORIGINAL, MOSTLY UNPUBLISHED DOCUMENTS: MANUSCRIPT, TELEGRAM, PHOTOGRAPHS, DRAWINGS, DE OUI RELATING TO MARCEL DUCHAMP. Julian Sanz Martinez, painter, frequented the avant-garde. In 1939, during the Spanish Civil War, he fled to France and settled in Sanary-sur-Mer, where he made friends with Marcel Duchamp, Jean Arp, Tristan Tzara and Engel-Pak (who illustrated Paul Eluard). In 1955, he produced this model using photographs and documents preserved from that period: - Cover design, pen-and-ink drawing on blue paper, a reference to Marcel Duchamp playing chess. - A black photograph of a painting by Sanz, dated 1942, with this dedication: A un coñon: Duchamp / Coñon y medio: Sanz, is pasted on one sheet, no. 1. The names of the five artists for whom the brochure was intended appear opposite. - Magnificent unpublished poetic manuscript by Marcel Duchamp, 25 lines in pencil and blue ink (2 sheets, 21 x 13 cm, combined on one sheet, 21 x 28 cm): pure work: everything and 46 nothing / The will to want to press a cloud between the hands or break the membrane of each newborn sun with the glance. Or tearing the immaterial purple of every twilight / mastering the light of every mirror to make it transparent, and then contemplating the world through it / enhancing the imprint of a foot on the sand / the misty stain of a hand on the glass / the spider's web stretched between the eyelids / the raindrop transhipped along a telegraph wire / the tenuous layer of dust on objects drowsy with abandon... - Enigmatic telegram from Marcel Duchamp to Sanz-Martinez, echoing the poem: duchamp = hotelprimavera = sanary-s-mer / demadrid representation sanary 1=21=14 50 me voilà = la goutte de pluie =. Glued to a sheet numbered 5, the telegram is captioned by Sanz in French and Spanish: La gota de lluvia transbordada a lo largo de un hilo telegrafico. - Two graphite portraits of Marcel Duchamp, one dated 1942 and signed Dumas - a friend of Duchamp's - the other by Sanz Martinez. - Leaves on which are mounted photographs by Sanz: Duchamp smoking a pipe (vintage print); Duchamp as Saint Sebastian: this famous photograph was published in 1968 in L'œil no. 167; the print is here retouched in pen by Sanz. - 4 photographs (period prints) of Arp, EngelPak, Marcel Duchamp, Henriette Gomès. Remarkable set
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