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TAMAR. AUTOGRAPH MANUSCRIPT SIGNED. 50 folio pages in a notebook, cloth spine printed in color, addition on both sides of kraft paper, titled by André Martel. Complete manuscript of Tamar, parallelogram text "copied by the author". An astonishing, even delirious text written in paralloïdre, a language invented by Martel. Enclosed is a letter from André Martel to Jean-Luc Mercié, who was to edit this text. 5 pages, large in-4, in ink: For the first time, Dubuffet was making an exception for me to write something for an author for the Martélandre that publishers, critics and linguists had repressed for many years in France. The reason for the ban was that he considered me unworthy of their considerations, for allowing me to freely modify the mymitic norms of the French language, considered sacred and untouchable in the welding of its intimate elements. - André Martel's booklet Cantode du Lobélisque, published in 1969 by Daily-Bull, with a full-page mailing to Jean-Luc Mercié (envelope preserved). - An autograph letter signed by Jean Dubuffet to Jean-Luc Mercié Paris April 19, 1973, on his letterhead, envelope retained: Of course I applaud your project to publish in France now or as soon as possible... André Martel's text Tamar with or without the preface as you see fit. - A typescript letter signed by Dubuffet to Jean-Luc Mercié. 1 half-page in-4, envelope preserved, thanking him for a precious gift for Art Brut. - An original photograph of André Martel reading his texts. 18.5 x 13 cm
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