MANUSCRIT. - Sommaire apprinze du Bruslemant... - Lot 173 - Giquello

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MANUSCRIT. - Sommaire apprinze du Bruslemant... - Lot 173 - Giquello
MANUSCRIT. - Sommaire apprinze du Bruslemant de l'Esglize, Chastiau et Couvant à Langoigne fait en l'année 1567. Extract from the registers of the ordinary court of Langoigne of Tuesday the eighth day of January 1579. [16th century]. Small folio manuscript (280 x 180 mm approx.), 4 leaves, modern bradel boards. Sixteenth-century manuscript recounting the capture of the town of Langogne, Lozère, by Protestant troops in 1567-1568. Testimony given before M. Claude Pascal, docteur es droit, and recorded at the town's ordinary court, by Chevalier de Volguer, réfectorier, Claude Clavel aumônier, Claude Horise pitancier, and Vidal Raffity, monks of the priory and convent of Langogne. The document reports on the destruction, looting and burning of the town by Protestant militias led by Huguenot Charles Dupuy-Montbrun. Various signatures appear at the end, including that of a notary named Colombet. Nicknamed "le Brave", Charles Dupuy-Montbrun (1530-1575) was a formidable Huguenot captain during the 16th century Wars of Religion. Leader of the Protestants in the Dauphiné, he seized numerous towns and villages in the region, often with great cruelty, and took part in the battles of Jarnac and Montcontour. Taken prisoner at the Blacons bridge in the Diois region, he was taken to Grenoble, where he was executed with his head cut off by the executioner. An extremely rare document of great interest for the history of the Dauphiné. Handwritten document formerly folded in four, with central fold consolidated on the first leaf.
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