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MANUSCRIT. - Recueil de chansons. Romances... - Lot 176 - Giquello
MANUSCRIT. - Recueil de chansons. Romances & ariettes. Dedicated to Citizen L... C... Done by me Antoine Vivier. Dans les prisons du Baingal à Calcutta le 6 octobre 1799. Manuscript in-4 (200 x 150 mm) with 188 pages and 7 pages without figures, granite half calf, smooth spine, title page (Modern binding). Very interesting manuscript written by a French soldier in the prisons of Bengal and England between 1799 and 1805, containing poems and drinking songs on the theme of love and politics. The titles of the following pieces give an idea of the content of the manuscript: Complainte patriotique sur la mort du général Hoche, La petite souricière perdue de la belle Doris, Le mariage débauché ou le mary ivrogne & la femme coquette, Couplet bachique, Le peintre amoureux, etc. The political pieces relate to the Republic, Bonaparte and England. At the end of the manuscript is a piece entitled Les Pontons de la Meedway, Vérité sur la situation des prisonniers français cousinez dans les prisons de la Grande-Bretagne, a poignant account of the fate of prisoners crammed into the English floating prisons in Chatham Harbour, on the Meedway River in Kent. A final description of the prisoners' situation follows: "I arrived at Norman Cross on June 11, 1801, where four thousand Frenchmen are detained. What an expectation [sic] struck my eyes on seeing an infinite number of unfortunates, emaciated, starving, covered in tatters [...]. Manuscript in brown ink. The first 126 pages are framed by a double fillet in pink and blue ink. The manuscript has lived through and shows numerous ink stains, wetness and light foxing. The leaf corresponding to pp. 18-19 is missing.
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