Arts of Africa Nicolas de Kun Collection and French private collection

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Within the Lega societies, the Bwami association is presented as a mixed association, hierarchically very structured and with its own initiation rites.

with its own initiation rites. It penetrates all categories of society, and is involved in all areas, from social to economic, from cultural to political.

from social to economic, from cultural to artistic, from ethical to philosophical, from judicial to religious, etc. Its aim is humanistic, it is

transmitter of knowledge and organizer of the world Léga.

The works presented here belonged to the Bwami society. Associated with a proverb or a myth, they were invested with an important role in the

important role in the rites of the institution.

They are part of a set that belonged to Nicolas de Kun, a name that is inseparable from studies of the Lega culture. A mining engineer in Kivu, he became fascinated with the art of this region very early on and acquired, between 1948 and 1960, a large number of pieces, which are today the property of major public and private collections, such as the RMCA of Tervuren, the Metropolitan Museum, the Menil Foundation, the Jay C. Last collection, etc...

All the Lega objects presented in this sale were collected by Nicolas de Kun in Lega country.

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