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Livres - Revues
monsieur Dominique COURVOISIER
Expert de la Bibliothèque nationale de France Membre du Syndicat Français des Experts Professionnels en œuvres d’art
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avec la collaboration d’Alexandre MAILLARD

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Vente dirigée par :
Cyrille Cohen et Alexandre Giquello
Agréments du Conseil des Ventes Volontaires de Meubles aux Enchères Publiques
Sales conditions
If you are unable to attend an auction in
person, you may give instructions to the
Bid Department of Sotheby’s (France)
S.A.S. to bid on your behalf by completing
the form overleaf.
This service is free and condential.
Please record accurately the lot
numbers, descriptions and the top
hammer price you are willing to pay for
each lot.
We will endeavour to purchase the lot(s)
of your choice for the lowest price possible
and never for more than the top amount
you indicate.
“Buy”, unlimited bids or “plus one” bids
will not be accepted.
Alternative bids can be placed by using
the word “OR” between lot numbers.
Bids must be placed in the same order
as in the catalogue.
This form should be used for one sale
only - please indicate the sale number, title
and date on the form.
Please place your bids as early as
possible, as in the event of identical bids
the earliest received will take precedence.
To ensure a satisfactory service to bidders,
please ensure that we receive your written
bids at least 24 hours before the sale.
Where appropriate, your bids will be
rounded down to the nearest amount
consistent with the auctioneer’s bidding
Absentee bids, when placed by
telephone, are accepted only at the
caller’s risk and must be conrmed by
letter or fax to the Bid Department on
+33 (0)1 53 05 5293/5294.
Please note that the execution of
written and telephone bids is oered as an
additional service for no extra charge at the
bidder’s risk and is undertaken subject to
Sotheby’s other commitments at the time
of the auction; Sotheby’s therefore cannot
accept liability for failure to place such bids,
whether through negligence or otherwise.
Telephone bidding will be recorded to
ensure any misunderstanding over bidding
during the auctions.
Successful bidders will receive an
invoice detailing their purchases and giving
instructions for payment and clearance
of goods.
All bids are subject to the Conditions
of Sale applicable to the sale, a copy of
which is available from Sotheby’s oces
or by telephoning +33 (0)1 53 05 53 05.
The Guide for Prospective Buyers is also
set out in the sale catalogue and includes
details of payment methods and shipment.
Prospective buyers are encouraged
to attend the public presale viewing to
carefully inspect the lots. Prospective
buyers may contact the experts at the
auction in order to obtain information
on the condition of the lots. No claim
regarding the condition of the lots will be
admissible after the auction.
It is Sotheby’s policy to request any new
clients or purchasers preferring to make a
cash payment to provide: proof of identity
(by providing some form of government
issued identication containing a
photograph, such as a passport, identity
card or driver’s licence) and conrmation
of permanent address.
We reserve the right to seek
identication of the source of funds
For the provision of auction and art-related
services, marketing and to manage and
operate its business, or as required by law,
Sotheby’s may collect personal information
provided by sellers or buyers, including
via recording of video images, telephone
conversations or internet messages.
Sotheby’s will undertake data
processing of personal information relating
to sellers and buyers in order to identify
their preferences and provide a higher
quality of service. Such data may be
disclosed and transferred to any company
within the Sotheby’s group anywhere in
the world including in countries which may
not oer equivalent protection of personal
information as within the European
Union. Sotheby’s requires that any such
third parties respect the privacy and
condentiality of our clients’ information
and provide the same level of protection
for clients’ information as provided within
the EU, whether or not they are located
in a country that oers equivalent legal
protection of personal information.
Sotheby’s will be authorised to use
such personal information provided by
sellers or buyers as required by law and,
unless sellers or buyers object, to manage
and operate its business including for
By signing the Absentee Bid Form you
agree to such disclosure.
In accordance with the Data
Protection Law dated 6 January 1978,
sellers or buyers have the right to obtain
information about the use of their
personal information, access and correct
their personal information, or prevent
the use of their personal information
for marketing purposes at any time by
notifying Sotheby’s (by telephone on
+33 (0)1 53 05 53 05).
All property is being oered under French
Law and the Conditions of Sale printed in
this catalogue in respect of online bidding
via the internet, the BIDnow Conditions
on the Sotheby’s website (the “BIDnow
The following pages are designed to
give you useful information on how to
participate in an auction. Our sta as
listed at the front of this catalogue will be
happy to assist you. Please refer to the
section Sales Enquiries and Information.
It is important that you read the following
information carefully.
Prospective bidders should also consult for the most up to
date cataloguing of the property in this
Provenance In certain circumstances,
Sotheby’s may print in the catalogue
the history of ownership of a work of
art if such information contributes to
scholarship or is otherwise well known
and assists in distinguishing the work of
art. However, the identity of the seller or
previous owners may not be disclosed
for a variety of reasons. For example,
such information may be excluded to
accommodate a seller’s request for
condentiality or because the identity of
prior owners is unknown given the age of
the work of art.
Buyer’s Premium According to
Sotheby’s Conditions of Sale printed
in this catalogue, the buyer shall pay to
Sotheby’s and Sotheby’s shall retain
for its own account a buyer’s premium,
which will be added to the hammer price
and is payable by the buyer as part of the
total purchase price.
The buyer’s premium is 25% of result of any absentee bids which you
may have instructed us to execute on
your behalf, please telephone Sotheby’s
(France) S.A.S. on: +33 (0)1 53 05 53 34,
or by fax. +33 (0)1 53 05 52 93/52 94.
Payment Payment is due immediately
after the sale and may be made by the
following methods:
• Bank wire transfer in Euros
• Euro banker’s draft
• Euro cheque
• Credit cards (Visa, Mastercard,
American Express, CUP); Please note
that 40,000 EUR is the maximum
payment that can be accepted by
credit card.
• Cash in Euros: for private or
professionals to an equal or lower
amount of €1,000 per sale (but to an
amount of €15,000 for a non-French
resident for tax purposes who does not
operate as a professional). It remains
at the discretion of Sotheby’s to assess
the evidence of non-tax residence
as well as proof that the buyer is not
acting for professional purposes.
Cashiers and the Collection of Purchases
oce are open daily 10am to 12.30pm
and 2pm to 6pm.
It is Sotheby’s policy to request any new
clients or buyers preferring to make a
cash payment to provide proof of identity
(by providing some form of government
issued identication containing a
photograph, such as a passport, identity
card or driver’s licence) and conrmation
of permanent address. Thank you for
your co-operation.
Cheques and drafts should be made
payable to Sotheby’s. Although personal
and company cheques drawn up in Euro
on French bank as by a foreign bank are
accepted, you are advised that property
will not be released before the nal
collection of the cheque, collection that
can take several days, or even several
weeks as for foreign cheque (credit after
collection). On the other hand, the lot will
be issued immediately if you have a prearranged
Cheque Acceptance Facility.
Bank transfers should be made to:
HSBC Paris St Augustin
3, rue La Boétie
75008 Paris
Name : Sotheby’s (France) S.A.S.
Account Number : 30056 00050
00502497340 26
IBAN : FR 76 30056 00050 00502497340
Swift Code : CCFRFRPP
Please include your name, Sotheby’s
account number and invoice number
with your instructions to your bank.
Please note that we reserve the right to
decline payments received from anyone
other than the buyer of record and
that clearance of such payments will
be required. Please contact our Client
Accounts Department if you have any
questions concerning clearance.
No administrative fee is charged for
payment by Mastercard and Visa.
We reserve the right to seek identication
of the source of funds received.
Collection of Purchases Purchases
can only be collected after payment
in full in cleared funds has been made
and appropriate identication has been
All property will be available during, or
after each session of sale on presentation
of the paid invoice with the release
authorisation from the Client Accounts
Should lots sold at auction not be
collected by the buyer immediately after
the auction, those lots will, after 30 days
following the auction sale (including the
date of the sale), be stored at the buyer’s
risk and expense and then transferred to
a storage facility designated by Sotheby’s
at the buyer’s risk and expense.
All charges due to the storage facility
shall be met in full by the buyer before
collection of the property by the buyer.
Insurance Sotheby’s accepts liability for
loss or damage to lots for a maximum
period of 30 (thirty) calendar days after
the date of the auction (including the
date of the auction). After that period,
the purchased lots are at the Buyer’s sole
responsibility for insurance.
Export of cultural goods The export of
any property from France or import into
any other country may be subject to one
or more export or import licences being
It is the buyer’s responsibility to obtain
any relevant export or import licence.
Buyers are reminded that property
purchased must be paid for immediately
after the auction.
The denial of any export or import licence
required or any delay in obtaining such
licence cannot justify the cancellation of
the sale or any delay in making payment
of the total amount due.
Sold property will only be delivered to
the buyer or sent to the buyer at their
expense, following his/her written
instructions, once the export formalities
are complete.
Sotheby’s, upon request, may apply for
a licence to export your property outside
France (a “Passport”). An EU Licence is
necessary to export from the European
Union cultural goods subject to the EU
Regulation on the export of cultural
property (EEC No. 3911/92, Ocial
Journal No. L395 of 31/12/92).
A French Passport is necessary to move
from France to another Member State of
the EU cultural goods valued at or above
the relevant French Passport threshold.
A French Passport may also be
necessary to export outside the
European Union cultural goods valued
at or above the relevant French Passport
limit but below the EU Licence limit.
The following is a selection of some of the
categories and a summary of the limits
above which either an EU licence or a
French Passport is required:
• Watercolours, gouaches and pastels
more than 50 years old €30,000
• Drawings more than 50 years old
• Pictures and paintings in any medium
on any material more than 50 years old
(other than watercolours, gouaches
and pastels above mentioned)
• Original sculpture or statuary and
copies produced by the same process
as the original more than 50 years old
• Books more than 100 years old singly
or in collection €50,000
• Means of transport more than 75 years
old €50,000
• Original prints, engravings, serigraphs
and lithographs with their respective
plates and original posters €15,000
• Photographs, lms and negatives there
of €15,000
• Printed Maps more than 100 years old
• Incunabula and manuscripts including
maps and musical scores single or in
collections irrespective of value
• Archaeological items more than 100
years old irrespective of value
• Dismembered monuments more than
100 years old irrespective of value
• Archives more than 50 years old
irrespective of value
• Any other antique items more than 50
years old €50,000
Please note that French regulation
n°2004-709 dated 16th July 2004
modifying French regulation n°93-124
dated 29th January 1993, indicates that
«for the delivery of the French passport,
the appendix of the regulation foresees
that for some categories, thresholds will
be dierent depending where the goods
will be sent to, outside or inside the EU».
We recommend that you keep any
document relating to the import and
export of property, including any licences,
as these documents may be required by
the relevant authority.
Please note that when applying for a
certicate of free circulation for the
property, the authority issuing such
certicate may express its intention
to acquire the property within the
conditions provided by law.
Endangered Species Items made of
or incorporating animal material such
as ivory, whalebone, tortoiseshell, etc.,
irrespective of age or value, require a
specic licence from the French Ministry
of the Environment prior to leaving
France. Please note that the ability to
obtain an export licence or certicate
does not ensure the ability to obtain an
import licence or certicate in another
country, and vice versa. For example,
it is illegal to import African elephant
ivory into the United States. Sotheby’s
suggests that buyers check with their
own government regarding wildlife
import requirements prior to placing
a bid. It is the buyer’s responsibility to
obtain any export or import licences
and/or certicates as well as any other
required documentation.
Please note that Sotheby’s is not able
to assist buyers with the shipment of
any lots containing ivory and/or other
restricted materials into the United
States. A buyer’s inability to export or
import these lots cannot justify a delay
in payment or a sale’s cancellation.
Pre-emption right The French state
retains a pre-emption right on certain
works of art and archives which may be
exercised during the auction. In case of
conrmation of the pre-emption right
within fteen (15) days from the date
of the sale, the French state shall be
subrogated in the buyer’s position.
Considered as works of art, for purposes
of pre-emption rights are the following
(1) Archaeological objects more than 100
years old found during land based and
underwater searches of archaeological
sites and collections;
(2) Pieces of decoration issuing from
dismembered buildings;
(3) Watercolours, gouaches and pastels,
drawings, collages, prints, posters and
their frames;
(4) Photographs, lms and negatives
thereof irrespective of the number;
(5) Films and audio-visual works;
(6) Original sculptures or statuary or
copies obtained by the same process
and castings which were produced under
the artists or legal descendants control
and limited in number to less than eight
copies, plus four numbered copies by
the artists;
(7) Contemporary works of art not
included in the above categories 3) to 6);
(8) Furniture and decorative works of art;
(9) Incunabula and manuscripts, books
and other printed documents;
(10) Collections and specimens from
zoological, botanical, mineralogy,
anatomy collections ; collections
and objects presenting a historical,
palaeontological, ethnographic or
numismatic interest;
(11) Means of transport;
(12) Any other antique objects not
included in the above categories 1) to 11)
The following key explains the symbols
you may see inside this catalogue.
□ No Reserve
Unless indicated by a box (□), all lots
in this catalogue are oered subject to
a reserve. A reserve is the condential
hammer price established between
Sotheby’s and the seller and below
which a lot will not be sold. The reserve
is generally set at a percentage of the
low estimate and will not exceed the
low estimate for the lot as set out in
the catalogue or as announced by the
auctioneer. If any lots in the catalogue
are oered without a reserve, these lots
are indicated by a box (□). If all lots in the
catalogue are oered without a reserve,
a Special Notice will be included to this
eect and the box symbol will not be
○ Guaranteed Property
The seller of lots with this symbol has
been guaranteed a minimum price from
one auction or a series of auctions. This
guarantee may be provided by Sotheby’s
or jointly by Sotheby’s and a third party.
Sotheby’s and any third parties providing
a guarantee jointly with Sotheby’s benet
nancially if a guaranteed lot is sold
successfully and may incur a loss if the
sale is not successful. If the Guaranteed
Property symbol for a lot is not included
in the printing of the auction catalogue, a
pre-sale or pre-lot announcement will be
made indicating that there is a guarantee
on the lot. If every lot in a catalogue is
guaranteed, the Important Notices in

Purchased lots can only be collected
after payment in full in cleared funds
has been made (please refer to
paragraph 4 of Information to Buyers)
and appropriate identication has been
All lots will be available for collection
during or after each sale session at 6 rue
de Duras, 75008 Paris on presentation
of the paid invoice with the release
authorisation from Sotheby’s Post Sale
We recommend to our buyer clients to
contact the Post Sale Services in order to
organise the shipment of their purchases
once payment has been cleared.
Once the sale is complete, the lots
may be transferred to a third party
135, rue du Fossé Blanc 92230
Tel. +33 (0)1 41 47 94 00
Fax. +33 (0)1 41 47 94 01
Opening hours: 8.30-12AM/2-5PM
(Friday closed at 4PM)
Please note that handling costs and
storage fees are borne by Sotheby’s
during the rst 30 days after the sale,
but will be at the buyer’s expense after
this time.
Purchasers are requested to arrange
clearance as soon as possible and are
reminded that Sotheby’s accepts liability
for loss or damage to lots for a maximum
period of thirty (30) calendar days
following the date of the auction.
Please refer to clause XII Transfer of Risk
of the Conditions of Business for buyers.
Purchased lots not collected by the buyer
after 30 days following the auction sale
(including the date of the sale) will be
stored at the buyer’s risk and expense.
Therefore the purchased lots will be
at the buyer’s sole responsibility for
Any purchased lots that have not been
collected within 30 days from the date
of the auction will be subject to handling
and storage charges at the following
• Small items (such as jewellery,
watches, books or ceramics) : handling
fee of 25 EUR per lot plus storage
charges of 2.50 EUR per day per lot.
• Paintings, Furniture and Medium
Items (such as most paintings or small
items of furniture) : Handling fee of 35 EUR
per lot plus storage charges of 5 EUR per
day per lot.
• Paintings, Furniture and Large items
(items that cannot be lifted or moved by
one person alone): Handling fee of 50
EUR per lot plus storage charges of 10
EUR per day per lot.
• Oversized Items (such as monumental
sculptures) : Handling fee of 100 EUR per
lot plus storage charges of 12 EUR per
day per lot.
A lot’s size will be determined by
Sotheby’s on a case by case basis
(typical examples given above are for
illustration purposes only). All charges
are subject to VAT, where applicable. All
charges are payable to Sotheby’s at Post
Sale Services.
Storage charges will cease for
purchased lots which are shipped
through Sotheby’s from the date on
which we have received a signed quote
acceptance and its payment from you.
Post Sale Services (Mon – Fri 9:30am –
12:30pm / 2:00pm – 6:00pm)
T : +33 (0)1 53 05 53 67
F : +33 (0)1 53 05 52 11
E :
Toute indication concernant
l’identication de l’artiste, l’attribution,
l’origine, la date, l’âge, la provenance et
l’état est l’expression d’une opinion et non
pas une constatation de fait. Pour former
son opinion, Sotheby’s se réserve le droit
de consulter tout expert ou autorité qu’elle
estime digne de conance et de suivre le
jugement émis par ce tiers.
Nous vous conseillons de lire
attentivement les Conditions Générales
de Vente publiées sur la Plateforme
Internet avant de prendre part à une
vente, en particulier les Articles III (Etat
des biens vendus), V (Informations sur la
Vente en Ligne) et XVIII (Résolution de la
vente d’un Lot pour défaut d’authenticité
de ce Lot).
Les exemples suivants explicitent la
terminologie utilisée pour la présentation
des lots.
1. « Hubert Robert » :
A notre avis, il s’agit d’une oeuvre de
l’artiste. Lorsque le(s) prénom(s) est
inconnu, des astérisques suivis du nom
de l’artiste, précédés ou non d’une
initiale, indiquent que, à notre avis,
l’oeuvre est de l’artiste cité.
Le même eet s’attache à l’emploi
du terme « par » ou « de » suivie de la
désignation de l’auteur.
2. « Attribué à … Hubert Robert »
A notre avis, l'oeuvre a été exécutée
pendant la période de production de
l'artiste mentionné et des présomptions
sérieuses désignent celui-ci comme
l'auteur vraisemblable, cependant
la certitude est moindre que dans la
précédente catégorie.
3. « Atelier de … Hubert Robert »
A notre avis, il s’agit d’une oeuvre
exécutée par une main inconnue de
l’atelier ou sous la direction de l’artiste.
4. « Entourage de … Hubert Robert »
A notre avis, il s’agit d’une oeuvre d’une
main non encore identiée, distincte de
celle de l’artiste cité mais proche de lui,
sans être nécessairement un élève.
5. « Suiveur de … Hubert Robert »
A notre avis, il s’agit d’une oeuvre d’un
artiste travaillant dans le style de l’artiste,
contemporain ou proche de son époque,
mais pas nécessairement son élève.
6. « Dans le goût de … A la manière de …
Hubert Robert »
A notre avis, il s’agit d’une oeuvre dans
le style de l’artiste mais exécuté à une
date postérieure à la période d’activité
de l’artiste.
7. « D’après … Hubert Robert »
A notre avis, il s’agit d’une copie, qu’elle
qu’en soit la date, d’une oeuvre connue
de l’artiste.
8. « Signé … Daté … Inscrit… Hubert
Robert »
A notre avis, il s’agit d’une oeuvre signée
ou datée par l’artiste ou sur laquelle il a
inscrit son nom.
9. « Porte une signature … Porte une
date … Porte une inscription … Hubert
Robert »
A notre avis, il s’agit d’une oeuvre dont la
signature, la date ou l’inscription ont été
portées par une autre main que celle de
Les dimensions sont données dans l’ordre
suivant : la hauteur précède la largeur.