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AUTOGRAPH ASTRAL THEME NOTEBOOK. School notebook in-8, 6 and a half pages in ink, hardcover. Astral theme of André Breton, in his hand, with the circle of zodiac signs. Interpretations of the astral theme by Breton, Suzanne (Musard), Paul Eluard, Baudelaire, Isidore Ducasse (striped), Jacques Viot, Pierre Unik, Rimbaud, Marie Berthe (Ernst), Max Ernst, Robert Desnos, Yves Tanguy, André Thirion, Louis Aragon, Marcel Fourrier, René Char, Maxime Alexandre, Albert Valentin, Isidore Ducasse, Huysmans, Jeanne, Raymond Michelet, Luis Bunuel, René Crevel, Fraenckel, 6 and a half pages in ink. COMPLETE ASTRAL THEME WITH CIRCLE OF ZODIAC SIGNS BY MARIE BERTHE ERNST, 2 PAGES IN INK AND PENCIL. It is joined the astral theme of Henri Pichette made by another hand. A cover page of the notebook probably shows the day, place and date of birth of Max Ernst and his wife Marie-Berthe in Paul Eluard's hand (Paul Eluard stayed in Cologne with Max Ernst).
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