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WEIRD TALES. Paris, Cahiers Libres, 1933. In-4, paperback, cover illustrated by Valentine Hugo representing André Breton. Edition illustrated by Valentine Hugo. Introduction by André Breton. Preface by Théophile Gautier. Translation by Théophile Gautier fils. VACHÉ Jacques. Letters of war. Paris, K éditeur, 1959. In-8, pinned. Partly original edition preceded by 4 prefaces by André Breton... FOURRÉ Maurice. THE NIGHT OF THE PINK HOTEL. Paris, Gallimard, Collection Révélation, 1950. In-12, paperback, illustrated cover. Original edition. Copy of Service de Presse prefaced by André Breton. Unique issue of the Révélation collection directed by André Breton. ERSNT Max. THE 100-HEADED WOMAN. Paris, Éditions de l'oeil, 1956. Strong in-4, pinned. Re-edition of this novel illustrated with collages by Max Ernst and preceded by a notice to the reader by André Breton. BRETON André. INTERVIEWS with André Parinaud. Paris, Gallimard, Le Point du Jour, 1952. In-8, pinned. Original edition. Copy of the Press Office. AUTOGRAPH SIGNED BY ANDRÉ BRETON. ANDRÉ BRETON. ESSAYS AND TESTIMONIALS. Neufchâtel, A la Baconnière, 1950. In-8 pinned. Original edition. Testimonies of Péret, Gracq, Carrouges, Paulhan etc. Trailer kept. CARROUGES Michel. ANDRÉ BRETON AND THE FUNDAMENTALS OF SURREALISM. Paris, Gallimard, 1950. In-12, pinned. Fictitious mention of edition. The André Breton plaque is attached. 5 letters. Original edition of these letters published after the death of André Breton.
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