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LEGENDARY LIFE OF MAX ERNST, preceded by a brief discussion on the need for a new myth. AUTOGRAPH MANUSCRIPT. Undated [1942], 5 in-4 pages written in green ink, under black half-marocco folder. Beautiful and curious text from Surrealism and Painting. Published in 1942, this text written in the United States, where Breton had gone into exile, was collected in the final edition (1965) of Le Surréalisme et la Peinture. To evoke his friend Max Ernst and his painting, Breton has chosen a surrealist tone, far removed from traditional art criticism: the first two pages are thus occupied by the story of an imaginary dinner in New York between Breton and the president of Brosses, an 18th century writer. Breton throws a few spikes against the College of Sociology of Georges Bataille, then he goes on to Ernst: ... I consider the work of Max Ernst to be a work of facts destined to occur on the real level: what is more, I believe that it prefigures in their order the facts that will occur ... Breton evokes the life of the painter, but in a very free and personal way. Far from retracing his biography, he proceeds by analogies and metaphors, mixing certain memories of encounters with the precise evocation of the painter's canvases or collages. It is not in vain that Max Ernst is said to have been born in Cologne on one of the curls of the liquid snake, which like no one else enjoys fanning the sword, the Rhine in which bewitching girls with endless blond hair are combed when we are twenty years old... Stroll in Paris: ... Max Ernst returned to the disused reservoir where he had taken up residence (...). All along, at our height, a naked woman with a face covered with a wolf was skating on the spot. The calendar marked 1921-22-23 (...) Silence. Shortly afterwards, Max Ernst is marked by a tumultuous reappearance "in the Paris basin". Looking like a big bird, it is then called Loplop, sometimes called "the swallow". Assisted by a beautiful young woman, Perturbation, the
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