Genet (Jean)

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Genet (Jean)
THREE AUTOGRAPH MANUSCRIPTS. Circa 1975. 3 pages in-4. The first manuscript in ink with erasures and corrections by Genet's hand is dedicated to Achilles: "In the Illiad Achilles, or rather his soul about to be in his body to be born, appears before Zeus who asks him this question: What do you prefer? A glorious but short destiny or a long and dark life? Glory in the ages. Carried by the Illiad the name Achilles is familiar to us it is out of us and everyone carries it within is it glory?" The second manuscript is devoted to the States: "... Without seeing the globe change shape or volume, it is certain that it breathes, one can easily distinguish as a narrowing or dilation of its rib cage: suddenly or almost all countries federate to have all the same centralized policy for various purposes." The third manuscript is devoted to certain revolutionaries: "...Too acute, the revolutionary would quickly come to irony and physical danger, sometimes the proximity of death risks offering him emphatic attitudes...". The question is this: is the vicinity of death accepted or sought? There is a narrow margin that regulates the answer..."
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