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14 SIGNED AUTOGRAPH LETTERS, 4 SIGNED AUTOGRAPH BANKNOTES AND 8 TYPED LETTERS SIGNED AT DIANA FIORI. 1969-1983. Precise, friendly correspondence in a humorous tone from Henri Michaux to Diana Fiori, his Italian translator. 14 signed autograph letters (15 pages in-8) 4 signed autograph notes (4 and a half pages in-12) 8 signed typewritten letters, most with added autograph text (8 pages in-8 and 2 pages in-4) of Distractedly Struck Rhythms with passages underlined by his hand. 24 envelopes preserved. Enclosed is the 1976 issue 1 of Il Verri magazine, which includes texts by Henri Michaux translated by Diana Fiori. "Your, or rather our book project pleases me almost excessively. He'll be my favorite. From a distance, I hear. As you were looking for another poem that is recent, I'm sending you one by chance, unpublished..." "It is on purpose that I have not sent you a little leaflet, which surely sensitive as you are would find evil, which in fact is beneficial but only for those who in this world have found much to hate, do not stop hating whatever they do. It's not for you. You'd be affected by an evil hand, an evil eye, the exact opposite of what I'd want." "I'm rather jealous of you dear friend, it's the lightning in your house that's coming to strike your energy, in mine it's just a foot, that left me humiliated, dragging my steps, my life even more." "Forgive the bad horse that misses the races and yet you want to run even in your homeland. Thank you for copying these beautiful verses from Biene de Siena. But he has charity with him." EXTRAORDINARY CORRESPONDENCE.
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