JAPON - Début Epoque EDO (1603 - 1868)

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1500 - 2000 EUR
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Result : 2 340EUR
JAPON - Début Epoque EDO (1603 - 1868)
Helmet (kabuto): zunari with three black-lacquered iron plates (two large pieces missing) - Neck guard (shikoro): black-lacquered iron five-slat hineno, laced beige-brown and green - Central ornament (maedate): gold- and silver-lacquered wood, triple tomo-e and two maple leaves - Two side ornaments (wakidate): rounded horns in black and gold lacquered wood Mask (menpo): black-lacquered iron ressei, gray horsehair moustache, red-lacquered interior - Throat guard (yodarekake): three black-lacquered iron strips, beige laced (Accidents)
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