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ARTAUD Antonin
AUTOGRAPH LETTER TO René THOMAS and [Cécile SCHRAMME]. [1937]. 5 1/2 pages in-4 in ink Extraordinary letter addressed to René Thomas, whom Artaud met in early 1937 on the terrace of the Dôme in Montparnasse, carrying a cane in his hand. Artaud tells him that the cane is his, that it is mentioned in Saint Patrick's prophecy, and that it still contains the blood of Jesus. The letter is also addressed to Ma chère amie, none other than Cécile Schramme, whom he met at René Thomas's on rue Daguerre and whom he planned to marry... If someone comes to rue Daguerre 21 and asks you if I'm married, answer NO, of course, but if they ask you if I've ever thought of marriage, answer NO, that I've never even thought of it. My existence, you mean, my EXISTENCE depends on your answer... The truth, my dear friend, my dear Thomas, is that I have entered the mysteries of the world with the rod of Jesus Christ given to me by my friend René Thomas. The cane I possess is that of Jesus Christ ...if I were only a man I would say that I myself would risk death, but there is someone else within me who warns me of what must happen and tells me that I have nothing to fear... I can tell you right now that within 20 days I'll be speaking in the name of God himself, amidst thunder from God... because soon I won't be called Antonin Artaud anymore, I'll even be someone else, and the duty I'm facing is formidable... The last page bears a slight trace of a cigarette burn, deliberately made by Artaud to ward off bad luck.
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