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POEMS OF A HIPPOBOSCA. AUTOGRAPH MANUSCRIPT SIGNED. 1947. 28 pages in-4 on school notebook in violet ink, including an introductory page. Hippobosca is the scientific name for biting flies. In 1951, Gallimard published Chaissac's poems under the title "Hippobosque au bocage" in the Métamorphoses collection. Autograph introduction monogrammed by Chaissac. ... In presenting these few poems to the public, it may not be too much to warn them first that they are by a man who obeys peelers and is sassy in a corduroy Hussarde.... I wish I could offer you poem with the consistency of sardines in oil, which I love, but we give what we can. And that's from the heart. I wrote all this in Boulogne, a little town where there are beautiful trees and it's not far from the Goose as it has been since the revolution in broad daylight. But I'm keeping it, / It's my business and one day / Next I'll tell her Come to the wood the wolf / Do you want to eat my beauty / And when I get to the edge, I'll let her in and go / Far and fast while / She wanders down the paths / To the forest line / I'll keep her, it's my business and it doesn't stop me from being whole / And she'll give it up in the day to steal from the wood where I'll lead her to hope, and she'll decide to take the path she thinks will lead her to the middle of the world, where life is easy and wishes are granted. Amazing document
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