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800 - 1000 EUR
3 AUTOGRAPH LETTERS SIGNED to Paul FACCHETTI. 6 in-4 pages in blue and red ballpoint pen, 4 of which in school notebooks, and 2 in-4 pages in ink. Beautiful letters addressed to Paris photographer and gallery owner Paul Facchetti: ... I'm going to ask for a port d'armes because I'm getting more and more visits from small-time Picaros. I know your rue de Lille, having been there in my youth to see the dressmaker Pauline Rollet... I'd be delighted if you would exchange my paintings for totem poles. ...It was a beautiful blond Venetian female who gave me the essence of a totem pole to build up a famous collection... I especially like portraits of horses and I can't get enough of them. If you're not interested, please tell me where I can go to satisfy my hobby.
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